>> Attention Practice Managers and GP's <<

We see your musculoskeletal patients to take the pressure off primary care

First contact physiotherapy services that takes pressure off GP's and primary care, reduces costs and improves patient outcomes.

How it works

Fully Managed, Expert, First Contact Practitioners

How much does a GP appointment cost your practice? Lets say £90 as a conservative estimate. What if every MSK related appointment was seen by an MSK specialist costing just £30? This would free up the GP's appointment slot, allowing you to clear your waiting list faster, provide a better service and save money.

How working with First Point Physio works.


Commission First Point Physio

We'll work with you to meet the needs of your practice. We'll help you identify the most cost effective way to meet the specific pressures of your unique practice.


Launch Fully Managed First Contact Practitioner Service

We take care of hiring, scheduling, training, holiday and all other related admin for 1 simple price. As close to stress free as is possible to get.


Experience Improved Patient Outcomes

Reduce pressure on GP schedules by upwards of 20% to 30%! 

Patients get quicker access to diagnosis and expert care which leads to better outcomes.

Dramatically reduce waiting times.

Who we serve

Primary Care Networks in the Midlands, South East and Southern England

We work with Primary Care Networks and GP's surgery's across the Midlands, South East and Southern England looking to reduce the pressure on primarey care, save money and streamline GP appointments to best serve the community enhancing the patient journey.

If you are looking for  First Contact Practitioners, without all the headaches of recruitment, scheduling, holiday cover, management and administration then we would be very  happy to speak to you.


What our clients say about us

This is a great service to have in our surgery.  It alleviates the stress on the reception staff as it frees up more appointments for the GP’s and most patients are very happy to be booked in with a Physiotherapist in the first instance, especially when reassured they can have access to a GP if required. 


Manager South East             England

When we started working with First Point Physio Ltd (FPP) it was our first experience of using the First Contact Practitioner Model. FPP were very active in assisting setting up the service and I stood in the waiting room on the first clinic asking the patients how they felt after their session with the Physiotherapist and the feedback was extremely positive


Operations director south east england

I worked with First Contact Physio Ltd in the Extended Hours Service. I transfer any MSK patients booked with me straight into their diary.  It is my opinion that they are much better suited to see these patients than we are as GP’s– they have the skills and specialisms in this area and can give the patients much more than medication.


General Practitioner 


Got more questions? Download the case study for more information on how first contact physio therapy services could have improve your services.